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Training Process  

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  1. FSTD operator begins FSETA Technical Accreditation for their technical personnel 
  2. Upon completion the FSETA will provide a training and qualification audit report of all those accredited
  3. The FSTD Operator has open access to the FSETA syllabus within Introduction to Flight Simulation Maintenance - An FSETA Course Guide. This guide has been designed to provide FSTD Operators with a syllabus to build upon and create their own internal training program. The FSETA is available to discuss the Guide with the FSETA Operator and their designated technical instructor responsible for new entrant training.
  4. FSTD Operators have ongoing access to their online Group Membership Report to support SQMS or CMP audits while the FSTD Operator and their technical personnel are members of the FSETA.
  5. FSETA Technical Accreditation upgrades and logbook updates are the responsibility of individual FSETA members. Upgrades can be applied for at any time as long as the membership is active. Logbook updates are performed free of charge by the FSETA upon submission of a Logbook update request form while the membership is active.

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