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General Terms and Conditions

Flight Simulation Engineer & Technician Association Inc (“FSETA”) or ("FSETA Inc")

The FSETA exists for the purpose of providing a professional source of information and communication for the flight simulation industry worldwide. It is intended that this resource remain independent of any company who manufactures or operates flight simulation equipment. 

Copyright Notice

Copyright ©2009 Flight Simulation Engineer and Technician Association (FSETA). All rights reserved.

Copyright to all information on this website is owned by the FSETA.

Materials published on this website may only be copied or used for non-commercial purposes, personally or within your organisation in support of the FSETA objectives or services as stated in the Membership and Accreditation document located at 

Information contained on any 'website page' or within any 'downloaded document' on the FSETA website is considered 'live' and may be updated at any time by the FSETA. All printed material is considered as a past reference only.

No other use of the information is permitted without receiving prior written permission from the FSETA Board of Directors. In consideration of this permission, all printouts, copies or reproductions of all or any part of the information contained in this site must include all copyright and other proprietary notices.

Users obtain no rights to the information on the website or any service, product, process or technology which includes, in particular, the described and actual Membership and Accreditation process.

The defined FSETA Accreditation Levels, Specialisations, Identification Card, Accreditation Certificate, Membership and/or Accreditation processes and combinations of the above are wholly owned and are copyright of the FSETA. They may not be altered, copied or manipulated in any way. The meaning and interpretations of the above defined are provided in the Membership and Accreditation document located at

Not-for-Profit Status

The FSETA is an Incorporated Association in Western Australia. The Association is governed by Rules dictating that the Flight Simulation Engineer & Technician Association (“FSETA”) is operated as a 'not-for-profit' organisation.

Data Collection

General Information

The General Information collected by the FSETA is intended for general interest of the flight simulation industry to identify industry practises and trends. While the FSETA will make every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of information provided, no warranty is expressed or implied.

General Information obtained during a Membership and/or Accreditation application will be used by the FSETA to develop further FSETA Services for its Members or for providing the flight simulator industry data on current industry trends and practises. Under no circumstances will General Information provided lead to personal identification or profile building

Personal Information

Personal information held by the FSETA will be used for the membership and accreditation process and for email distribution of FSETA Newsletters or notifications to the individual Member and will not be released to third parties. Members may choose to remove themselves from FSETA Newsletter distribution anytime through the Members Area. The FSETA will make every reasonable effort to maintain accurate personal data as provided by every member.

Data Access

Personal data provided by a Member will not be disclosed to any other source except in the instance the Member is sponsored by their employer for Membership and/or Accreditation. The employer will then be granted online access by the FSETA to ‘view’ their sponsored Member’s education history, training history, and Logbook for the purpose of present and future training requirements.

A Members sponsor will not be allowed to edit, delete or alter in any way a members personal details.

Data Deletion

All personal membership and accreditation information held by the FSETA will be deleted upon termination of Membership either through membership expiry or via written request by the Member.

Notifications will be issued via email to members prior to termination and or cancellation of FSETA services.

Limitation of Liability

The FSETA will use all reasonable means to safeguard members' personal information; however, the FSETA does not accept any liability for the theft of personal information or the consequences thereof. This applies especially, but without limitation, to theft of personal information by electronic means or misconduct of FSETA directors, committee members, administrators or officers who have access to personal information in performing FSETA duties who act alone or in collusion with others to source Members personal information other than for official FSETA business.

Children’s Privacy

This website is not intended for persons under 16 years of age. If a child under 16 has provided the FSETA with personal information without parental or guardian consent, the parent or guardian may contact the FSETA and we will delete any records or personal information provided and unsubscribe the child from receiving any further correspondence from the FSETA.

Cookies or Other Tracking Devices

A “cookie” is a small text file stored on your computer that makes it easy for you to move around a website without continually re-entering your user name, password, preferences, for example. The FSETA website uses Cookies to remember your login ‘username’ when requested by the user. Most internet browsers allow you to erase cookies from your hard drive, block cookies or receive a warning before a cookie is placed on your hard drive.


All trademarks, service marks, and logos displayed on this site are the property of their respective holders, including the "FSETA". The display of third party trademarks on the website should not be taken to imply any relationship or license between the FSETA and the owner of the trademark or to imply that the FSETA endorses the wares, services or business of the owner of the said trademark.

©2009 FSETA
Updated 24-Aug-10

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