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The Flight Simulation Engineer and Technician Association (FSETA) has developed an international accreditation and training program for flight simulator technical maintenance personnel. This program provides formal recognition and a specialised technical training guide for maintainers of qualified flight simulation training devices (FSTD’s) all over the world.

As one hour of flight training in a full flight simulator is the equivalent of one hour flying the actual aircraft, the aviation industry relies on the technical skills of FSTD maintainers who daily, release these devices into training. The FSETA has taken the initiative to provide the aviation industry with an Accreditation program to evaluate existing technical personnel and new entrants into the industry as well as provide a technical training program to ensure each Member has access to the required specialised training courses.

FSETA Technical Accreditation Evaluation Tool 

>> FSETA Initial Accreditation Evaluation Tool <<


This above tool will estimate your initial FSETA Technical Accreditation Level based on:

  • Academic history
  • Simulation and other technical training courses completed, and
  • Time spent in the flight simulation maintenance industry

If answered with honesty and you hold documents to support your answers, you will get an accurate evaluation. Your current job title, employer, country of employment or local regulatory authority do not influence these results or a formal FSETA Accreditation.

Are you working in a technical role within the electrical, electronics, computing or avionics industries and would like to break into flight simulation maintenance?

If so, check out the link above and see what your FSETA Initial Technical Accreditation would be. This industry requires experienced technical personnel at entry level positions and if you have solid technical training and industry experience to back it up then an FSETA Technical Accreditation could open doors to a whole new career.

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